The Oceans…

Oblivious- so many of us are about the state and condition of the oceans and the creatures who live in them. If more people knew what is really going on out there… Oy!

Have you heard about the “dead zones”? These are areas of ocean, mostly along shore lines and under the surface waters where the watery deep has been dangerously depleted of oxygen. Now, you would think that fish and other aquatic inhabitants would flee the area to more oxygenated locations but apparently, fish are not capable of such complex reasoning.

Instead, sea life is literally suffocating in these areas.

More frightening is the trash vortex in the Pacific ocean. Mistakenly believed to be a floating island of plastic waste on the ocean’s surface the Pacific Garbage Patch is actually an area of the ocean where the sheer volume of plastic waste swimming in the area is effecting life in general. From fish who are eating combs and plastic caps to birds… who are eating plastic bits and bites, unaware that these morsels are not food. The entire eco system in the area is affected by this aqua-fill including plants and beaches. The exact size of the patch is not known because there is no standard in the world for what is a “normal” amount of plastic in the water. Some scientists insist that the patch is about double the size of Texas (this being the area where waste in the water is at undeniably high levels). Other researchers claim the patch is closer to the size of the USA- that being the size of the area where waste in elevated levels simply exist. Who could argue though that no amount of garbage, particularly plastic should be found in our oceans?

Last but not least, we come to the fish stocks in the waters that surround us. Seafood is a special food store, because it comes from wild food stocks for the most part. So severely have many species of fish that we regularly eat have become virtually wiped out. Others are dangerously depleted. Without greater knowledge and understanding about how the life forms in the waters effect us today and how our choices will effect the future, people continue to support over fishing without even being aware that is happening at their behest.

The oceans are sick… what can anyone do about it?

About La Velle Goodwin

La Velle Goodwin is a guest blogger for Green Napkin. Green Napkin is devoted to promoting eco-friendly practices in the hospitality and restaurant industries. We provide green education and certification for those within those industries and encourage positive moves among average folks everywhere to make our planet a cleaner, greener place to be.
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