It’s All Noob To Me…

Growing bubbles of consciousness around the world are generating waves of something new… new to me anyway.

Alright! Not entirely new! … but I had not really taken much of it seriously and I am now realizing that I should have.

Growing waves of new ecologically friendly terms like “eco sustainability”, “eco-friendly”,  and “green” are everywhere. (just watch me coin new “eco-words” through the simple addition of the “eco-suffix”!) I am embarrassed to say that I was not really taking any of it seriously. The city where I live has furnished each home with a recycle bin. I use it, and in so doing, believed I was doing as much as I should. Besides, life is busy and within me was a quiet confidence that someone else was being eco-responsible enough for me to turn a blind eye and not involve myself in the matter too deeply. Surely Ed Begley Jr. was peddling enough for the both of us!… but alas, not so.

Recent changes in life have thrown me into a world where I can not imagine others are taking care of the problem. I have to research and discover what the deal really is because I am the new Executive Director of Eco Hospitality. Clearly, I was not placed in this position because of my deep knowledge and understanding of all things green.  The decision was made to put me in this position because of other skills I have… and so, my excuses end there. 

I think I am in a unique position among those blogging for a greener future…  I am not blogging from a position of already having established understanding and trying to persuade others. I am not someone who can pretend I already know what I do not. So I am blogging from the perspective of someone who knows very little but who is now learning, from the beginning, what, how and why of it all so that I can be effective in my work. It is my hope that others will join me in this learning because already, in the very early stages of this process, it is becoming clear to me that there truly is an “eco-responsibility” (like that one?) that we all have for those who live on in the future… and what are we doing about that? 

Welcome to my “eco-education”…

About La Velle Goodwin

La Velle Goodwin is a guest blogger for Green Napkin. Green Napkin is devoted to promoting eco-friendly practices in the hospitality and restaurant industries. We provide green education and certification for those within those industries and encourage positive moves among average folks everywhere to make our planet a cleaner, greener place to be.
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