I am La Velle Goodwin, the Executive Director of Eco Hospitality (formerly Eco Crown Hospitality).

We are dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices within the hospitality industry though eco-certification and education within that industry.

Through this blog, I aim to reach out to people. Everyday, run of the mill people in all of their shapes, sizes, colours, ideologies, neurosis, or lack there of in an effort to move toward greener, cleaner and more eco-happy places for us all.

We are all in the same boat, and if this boat is going to continue to float, everyday, run of the mill people everywhere will have to do something, make sacrifices of sorts, put in a little effort in areas where maybe they had not before… So lets discuss. Write. Comment. Put ideas “out there” and ACT on the good intentions we have to be kinder to our planet.